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A Brief History

The original Mulroy Nursing home was established in 1985 in the town of Normanby not far from Redcar and provided a home for adults experiencing mental health problems and requiring the support of RMN's  After nearly twenty years the residents’’ moved to a new home in Redcar which opened in November 2004. This was a welcome opportunity for all concerned, in an improved location that fulfilled all of the new standards and since this time we have progressed to 27 en-suite single rooms.


The new name Mulroy’s Seaview is an amalgamation of two names as we moved to the new town overlooking the sea. Redcar is a seaside town that was a popular tourist resort in Edwardian times and throughout the last century. It is situated on the North East Coast and is just twenty minutes away from the Yorkshire moors in our 7-seater people carrier.  It is a great location that everybody enjoys.


The Promenade

The Promenade situated immediately opposite the home.


Ownership and Management

David McArthur is owner and manager (RMN, RGN) and has been with the family of residents since 1990. His ambition is to stay with the folks and the staff forever. He is happy to say that the forty staff are the best team he has ever worked with, and that life with the family of residents is enriching. The home is also supported by Kay McArthur (wife and business partner) who works full time at the home.


The Ethos

The family run home is one home and one home only which enjoys freedom from shareholders or co-owners and is not part of a group. The manager is available always for decisions to be made to support any worthwhile initiative with no bureaocracy or messing about. The home has a homely and welcoming atmosphere and has generous proportions to be enjoyed.

The business approach fostered is that the owners are paid from the business after everything else is paid for and not the other way round so that everything that should be paid for the homes expenses and function is achieved with a generous approach.

The home has ‘a big mouth to feed’ with a large team to meet it’s needs but with effective organisation and good care at the point of delivery whether it is presenting a meal, a greeting to a resident, a handshake, we like to think it can feel small, personalised and nobody needs to be rushing around because we are well staffed.


A Promenade Wheelchair Ride

The Promenade
A Wheelchair Ride


We recognize the individuality of each resident as we go forward each day and the team is continually responsive to their choices and aware of their needs. Due to the slow trickle of staff changes over the years we know our residents’ very well as a family, because we stay with them and we are not transient people in their lives moving around and leaving them and popping up somewhere else.


A Strong Sense of Belief  

We continue to support residents’ with complex needs and we are mostly successful and we have a good non-complacent, healthy attitude, which is always positive. We like to say ‘yes’ wherever possible and because of the experience of our team (especially the RMN’s with nearly 250 years total experience) we are confident in our abilities. The owner always seeks to employ team members that have a positive outlook and work well within a team.


The Recruitment of Staff

The owner sees his role as ensuring that staff that are employed have a positive outlook and work well within a team and apply their care intelligently and consistently. No matter what the team members’ role is, everybody is valued. He believes that if recruitment is right and the team is supportive of each other, then staff members will want to stay. This is good for the residents because they enjoy familiar faces and staff with an encouraging manner, which allows them to thrive. This is one of the reasons we get good results.

The owner believes that ‘service is everything’ and makes no apology for what may be considered an old fashioned view and recognises that experienced staff will get results and a home is only as good as the staff that work there. He is pleased to state that the agency has been used only once since 2004 for nursing cover and believes that consistent staff provide good care. The home has good morale and masses of good will and staff will do whatever it takes to be part of a consistent and caring team.

Nursing Staff

The home employs several registered mental nurses (including dual-trained staff inc X2 RGN’s) with a total of nearly 250 years experience. This experience allows us to manage complex residents and most days we have three RMN’s on duty. The manager is completely supernumerary (i.e. an additional RMN to the nurse in charge) and the deputy manager is 95% supernumerary. That’s three nurses!


Caring Staff

We have seventeen care staff in our dedicated care team, loyal to our resident’s needs and passionate about recreational activity and enjoying their work. Five carers have senior roles with additional payment for additional responsibility, and they have a special interest in training younger carers and ‘passing them the baton’ when that time comes.

Daily Staff Levels

Most days there are three RMN’s, and additional carers for activities, every day two staff in the kitchen, most days two to three domestic staff, five days a week handy man on site, plus part time housekeeper and administrator. We are proud of these staff levels and for twentyseven residents’ this produces a ratio of approximately one staff for two residents. In short this is an army of people and I would like to demonstrate these facts so that it can be seen that we are similar to a mini hospital or a large ward. I do believe that these types of statistics are often unknown, or unheeded, and they are evidence that homes like ours require and deserve decent funding to continue the good work.

Ready To Serve

Visits to Mental Health Centres, Hospitals and GP Practice visits

Every week, there can be half a dozen visits to the GP practice with the occasional essential ‘all day job’ at the local hospital, or several days and even weeks at the hospital. There are many commitments to local mental health centres to visit for the taking of blood samples or to see the psychiatrist The visits to hospital can be for, admission assessments, specialised wheelchair adaptations, outpatients or visits to A&E for various reasons, staying at hospital for days at a time for 1:1 support for our folks, when they are admitted to hospital. We take our residents’ as often as possible to keep them well to these venues. We do ask the GP to visit for our elderly residents’ that may be infirm or poorly but wherever possible we visit the surgeries. These are essential and labour intensive commitments for senior carers and RMN’s and much appreciated by our folks.


Visits to the home by professionals

We organise regular visits, to the home, for the residents’ convenience by the chiropodist, hairdresser and optician, which can be very useful. However there are occasions when the resident may request to visit the hairdressers or their own optician or dentist and we provide an escort for this undertaking.

Sickness Rates

These are excellent and attendance is equally good due to the fact that morale is high. An army cannot march on an empty stomach and the kitchen staff provides free meals for the team every day.


Domestic Staff

The home employs three domestic staff working a total of 90 hours a week providing a personalised laundry service and room service.



We employ two cooks supported each day by a kitchen assistant in providing excellent meals that are nutritious and all meals are cooked on site without having to resort to the over-rated ‘cook and chill’. Why would anyone want to treat food in that way.

Breakfast commences at 8 am and goes on till lunchtime in a personalised fashion and supper at the end of the day can continue up to midnight so that nobody goes to bed hungry.

We use a great local butcher and vegetable shop and have an excellent three-week menu. The main meal, with two choices is at lunch time and tea always incorporates homemade soup every day along with personal sandwiche options with additional hot food options. If somebody requests a sandwich at any time in the day or additional drinks, they will receive it as one would in a hotel.



Residents’ get up when they are ready and go to bed when they want to and any routine is based around their needs. At midnight we find that usually everyone is snoring. We seek to avoid institutionalised behaviours and routines and promote a creative environment, listening to our residents each day and aware of their choices.

Atonement Celebrations

Viewed through Mulroy's Window



In short great environment, effective care, good nutrition, a selection of activities and the best team working in the best location guarantees results.


Visits to the home

Why not arrange a visit and ask some questions, to satisfy your curiosity the lines are open!



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