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Mulroy's Seaview Client Group

The home cares for residents with a variety of mental health problems such as schizophrenia, depression and anxiety, alcohol related problems, korsakoffs, short-term memory impairment, bi-polar illness and behavioural problems. We are recognised as a specialist home that provides care for residents with complex needs and we accept residents from around the region and beyond.


Consideration to be made when selecting residents’

We recognise that a resident placement is a two way process because both the home and the individual need to be happy with the placement. A future resident that expresses an interest in our home will require a thorough assessment, possibly several visits and a trial period. We do encourage family and friends to visit as well.


Our experience teaches us that if residents are compatible and can respond to our direction and advice the placement usually works well, and therefore we can continue to guarantee a peaceful and creative environment with minimal disruption.  We have an experienced team and therefore we can accommodate residents’ with complex needs. Our home is large, and contains a variety of different lounges and a café, which allows residents to enjoy their own personal space and therefore avoids congestion.


Joyce And Shirley

Sat In The Patio Area

Appreciation of Age

Our experience informs us that residents of various ages can form a natural family structure with its elderly folk and its younger people. It is because we select and manage our residents well that all age groups are compatible enjoying free movement around the home and enjoying all of it’s spaces. Our age range is from 30 years onwards and upwards to residents that may be in their 7th and 8th decade in life. The main consideration with age is that we can meet the individual’s needs and also provide opportunity and variety in life.



The Younger Adult Group

We have individuals that enjoy independent walks perhaps taking Lucy (the homes dog) with them each day along the promenade or for personal hikes, which can go further afield. Residents involved in rehabilitation programmes enjoy home leaves, which can lead the way to moving back into the community. This client group enjoys independent access to the café on the top floor with its sea views and hot water boiler that guarantees a hot drink 24 hours a day and is a great place to invite family and friends during reasonable times in the day (i.e. not late at night, thus respecting others). The top floor kitchen is a great venue to practice rehabilitation, cooking skills for our younger residents’ and it is used regularly.




Sitting on Bed

The Older Client Group

It is important that as folks get older and they develop physical problems that we can continue to provide care, which not only meets their physical needs but also offers opportunity and choice. We have dedicated the two lower levels of the home (but not exclusively) for our older folks to have easier access to their bedrooms. Our older residents are supported by our experienced team utilising all the aids that are required for moving and handling including bathroom and bedside hoists, walking aids and all equipment required for their care. The shaft lift is extremely useful for residents’ to use but we also have a stair lift for those that may be nervous about lifts. It is our view that any resident that wants to stay with us for the rest of their lives needs to have all of their needs met, and for the home to have the equipment in order to support their decision. It is of great benefit to have two RMN’s that have RGN qualifications to share their expertise with regard to physical care.

John waving

We provide opportunities for our residents to enjoy cooking activities on the top floor under supervision in our café/kitchen area with great views overlooking the sea. We also have a great selection of art equipment, art easels and paints for everybody’s use. All of our folks can enjoy excursions in our Zafira vehicle with staff support. You will see from our photographs this also can include appearing in films.


Resident Meetings

We have regular meetings, which allow our folks to express their views, and requests and these are incorporated into our daily activities and we try to avoid any routine that may have institutionalising effects.

One of our residents in the 'Atonement' film, on the sea front at Redcar, in 2006


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