᷈᷉Indoor Recreation

We have a committed team that regularly facilitates, pampering sessions, art therapy, cooking in the top floor cafe, bingo every Monday along with ongoing board games, jigsaws and film viewing. Every Friday afternoon we have a sing along session with guitar and in the summer months an outdoor patio gardening project, which can incorporate mural painting and barbecues.

There is an ongoing invitation to families to visit for a free meal at any time.

Due to our large sized interior lounges and nooks and crannies we can offer activities in a variety of locations.

  Maggie's Friday Afternoon Guitar Session

Outdoor Recreation

Seven Seater Zafira  - A healthy outdoor activity programme is essential for our client group, which facilitates choice, offers opportunities and a complete change of scenery. With our people carrier we can support day-to-day activity, and this vehicle is a standard family vehicle, which allows small groups to visit places in an inconspicuous fashion. There are many activities each month, which are recorded and available to be viewed by our visitors. We also ensure that there are additional staff each week to meet the requests of our folks who always receive a positive response to any thing they ask for. One of our ladies enjoys being driven to visit her mum each week with staff escort and throughout the summer we organise regular hikes and picnics. Every year we organise mini holidays at a variety of popular venues.

Branch Walkway, Guisbrough

Local Places Of Interest

Local Cinema
This is just over the zebra crossing and is enjoyed by our residents. Our folks enjoyed the first showing of the film atonement, filmed in Redcar at this cinema, and two of our residents were in the film

Shopping in the Town
The local high street is a few minutes away with a selection of various second hand shops, cafe’s and hairdressers etc.

Redcar High Street

Beach Activities
The beach is very handy for walks and games and perhaps just sitting and watching the sea. 

 Fun On The Beach

Local Churches
These are available for our residents to visit on a Sunday.

Cricket Matches
There is a local cricket pitch, which is within walking distance and is a popular weekly summer venue for two of our residents each week with staff support

Promenade Walks
Our folks enjoy walking on the promenade with its wide paving and wonderful views of the sea, which Lucy the dog enjoys each day, accompanied, by one of our residents. 

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